Fast and efficient labeling of PET tracers

The iQS® Ga-68 Fluidic Labeling Module, manufactured by ITM is the most compact, manual, and easily portable system for convenient preparation of Ga-68 labeled PET/CT tracers.

iQS® is the only self-shielded labeling module available on the market. Take advantage of the fastest way of receiving 68Ga-labeled biomolecules without an extensive investment in laboratory infrastructure. Using the iQS® leads to labeling yields exceeding 80 % in only 15 minutes.

 The combination of the iQS with the GMP Ge-68/Ga-68 Generator, the GMP Ga-68 Chemical KITs and the pre-assembled sterilized Cassette entails independence and the convenience to receive all the necessary and complementary materials from only one reliable supplier.

Key Advantages

·        Self-shielded and cost effective solutioncompared to hot cell installation

·        Compact and easily portable

·        Easy to operate with GMP grade consumables

·        Outstanding price-performance ratio

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