Drug Discovery Facility

Our drug discovery facility contains a general chemistry laboratory with a separate radiochemistry lab. The Chemistry Core Laboratory supports R&D activities starting from the synthesis of bioconjugates, and their chemical characterization, to labeling of radiotheranostic drugs and their structural optimization. This laboratory has been established to accelerate the pilot non-GMP syntheses of RadioMedix’s proprietary agents as well as to support contract research projects of our collaborators and sponsors. RadioMedix's R&D labs have been designed and equipped to perform standard solution-based or cartridge-solid phase-based chemical syntheses, as well as complex radiolabeling. The synthesized product can be scaled up from 1mg to 100g as required for pilot pre-clinical studies. The facility has a successful track record in supporting contract research projects from the business partners and academic collaborators. The laboratory has been equipped to provide the complete structural characterization and quality control of the precursors and its conjugates.

Radiochemistry Laboratory

The adjunct research radiochemistry laboratory provides technical support for contract projects, to accelerate the translational studies of new probes. The facility is suited to develop and optimize radiolabeling using both manual and automated approaches. We have the expertise and technical knowledge of radiolabeling using multiple isotopes (68Ga, 177Lu, 203Pb, 212Pb, 64Cu, 18F, etc). We have 68Ge/68Ga generators available on-site for the scale-up synthesis of radiotracers. The radiolabeled products are characterized according to the COA specification requested for the project. The facility has track records of working on the multiple projects funded by NIH, NCI and DOD awarded to RadioMedix and our collaborators.