Commercial Scale Manufacturing

Introducing The Spica Center

Driven by innovation, we have built a full-service, self-sufficient, cutting-edge facility in Houston Texas. Conceived from best-practices, the Spica center is purposefully designed to lead the industry in time-to-market, quality, and volume. Our state-of-the-art facility is in full compliance with 21 CFR 211. Partnering with RadioMedix guarantees a meticulous manufacturing process, a reliable supplier, and safety-committed experts with a wealth of experience. Whatever your radiopharmaceutical needs, RadioMedix is open for business.

     Modular Production Suite

       • Modular Production Suites 

       • Consist of 6 aseptic clean rooms 

       • Each have a shared tech room 

     QC Laboratory

• 2 Quality Control Labs 

• ICPMS, HPLC, HPGe, iTLC capabilities

• Dedicated Sterility Lab 

Large-Scale Commercial 

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  •  27,500 SQFT Manufacturing Space 
  • High Value Packaging Corridor 
  • We have the capacity for scaling up & supporting multi-probe diagnostics & therapeutic agents for commercialized,centralized manufacturing & distribution throughout North America & Globally.