First-in-human dose escalation of AlphaMedixTM 

 for targeted alpha-emitter therapy of neuroendocrine tumors

Authors: Ebrahim S. Delpassand 1,2, Izabela Tworowska1, Julien Torgue 3 , Farah Shanoon 2, Rouzbeh Esfandiari 2, Jason Hurt 3, Rodolfo NuÑez 2

Affiliations: 1.RadioMedix Inc ( Houston, TX); 2. Excel Diagnostics and Nuclear Oncology Center (Houston, TX); 3. Orano Med LLC (Plano, TX)

Session: Oncology>Clinical Therapy and Diagnosis> Clinical Therapy> Endocrinology/Neuroendocrine

SNMMI 2020 Virtual Meeting

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