Fully automated Theranostics Synthesizer

iQS-TS is a multipurpose automated cassette-based Theranostics Synthesizer facilitating the routine preparation of 68Ga, 177Lu and 90Y radiolabeled biomolecules.

The computer run iQS-TS system offers predefined labeling protocols for the manufacturing of a wide range of radiotracers such as PSMA and Somatostatin analogs hence ensuring reproducibility and full GMP compliant process documentation. User-friendly click‘n‘start cassettes and radiolabeling KITs with color-coded vials further facilitate an error-free handling of iQS-TS and consequently safe precious time in daily routine.

Prior to every synthesis iQS-TS performs an automated pre-run machine test to guarantee the functionality of the entire system. Also, at the end of every synthesis, an included filter integrity test is realized to assure the sterility of the final product. The automated simple operation of iQS-TS makes the module especially favorable for the production of radiopharmaceuticals. Due to iQS-TS‘s extremely small footprint and its perfect hygienic design the system suits easily in every hotcell and cleanroom environment.

Safe time and obtain highest labeling yields in 17 min (68Ga) and 30 min (177Lu).

Key Advantages

• Computer assisted labeling with predefined labeling protocols for full reproducibility

• Fast synthesis time of only 17 minutes (68Ga) and 30 minutes (177Lu)

• RFID tags for identification, tracking purposes and GMP documentation


• Automated pre-run functionality test

• Fully automated system facilitating clinical production

• Small footprint (26 x 21 x 18 cm) and a compact hygienic design for highest clean room requirements especially convenient for hospital pharmacies.