For Manual Labeling of DOTA-Peptides

The Reagent Set is an attractive and cost-effective solution for easy and convenient preparation of 177Lu labeled DOTA-peptides without Labeling Module.

The Reagent Set includes all necessary items for manual labeling: Reagents, filters, syringes and needles. With our ready-to-use Reagent Set the labeling of DOTA-peptides (peptide not included) is extremely easy and cost saving. In addition, the labeling process takes a few minutes only. The Reagent Set is produced under GMP conditions according to the ICH Q7 and is dedicated for EndolucinBeta® (n.c.a. 177Lu Chloride) activities up to 40GBq.



Key Advantages

·        Time and cost saving

·        Easy and convenient

·        Ready to use chemicals

·        Labeling instructions upon request

* Peptide not included